Located in North Bend/Coos Bay on the Oregon coast, we deliver cleaning and janitorial supplies to western Oregon. 
	We Deliver to North Bend, Coos Bay, Bandon, Gold Beach, Port Orford, Brookings, Coquille, Myrtle Point, Charleston, Lincoln City, Reedsport, Lakeside, 
	Florence, Yachats, Newport, South Beach, Waldport, Siletz, Roseburg, Elkton, Oregon Coast, Western Oregon, Near the post office, and not far from the Mill Casino, 
	we sell cleaners, brushes, mops, brooms, sponges, toilet tissue, paper towels, wipers, and more! Keywords include: office cleaning supplies, commercial cleaning supplies, 
	Oregon cleaning supplies, Oregon Janitorial supplies, Oregon Janitorial Services, Sanitation supplies, professional cleaning supplies, window cleaning supplies, 
	household cleaning supplies, carpet cleaning products, green cleaning products, floor cleaning products, dry cleaning supplies, home cleaning supplies, janitorial cleaning equipment, 
	commercial janitorial supplies, Rubbermaid janitorial supplies, industrial cleaning supplies, restaurant cleaning supplies, and more. Also known as Coast Paper.

Cleaning Supplies & Janitorial Equipment

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Paper Products

For cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment, 
						paper products are supplied by our Oregon location. Roll towels, Multifold towels, singlefold towels, 
						c-fold towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue, kitchen household towels, recycled paper products, 
						tissue dispensers, towel dispensers, industrial wipers, windshield towels, Cormatic towel & tissue systems, 
						Ultima towel & tissue systems, series 2000 towels, executive tissue, center pull towels, napkins, feminine 
						sanitary products & dispensers.
Roll Towels
Multifold Towels
Singlefold Towels
C-Fold Towels
Toilet Tissue
Facial Tissue
Kitchen Household Towels
Recycled Paper Products
Tissue Dispensers
Towel Dispensers
Industrial Wipers
Windshield Towels
Cormatic Towel & Tissue Systems
Ultima Towel & Tissue Systems
Series 2000 Towels
Executive Tissue
Center Pull Towels
Feminine Sanitary Products & Dispensers

Mops & Equipment

From our store in Oregon, selling cleaning supplies & 
						janitorial equipment, we bring you mops, handles, buckets, wringers, dusters, and more from North Bend/Coos Bay on 
						the Oregon Coast!
Wet Mops
Mop Handles
Yacht Mops
Sponge Mops
Mop Buckets
Mop Wringers
Dust Mops
Dust Cloths
Hand Dusters
Dust Control Treatments

Can Liners and Poly...

From North Bend/Coos Bay, on the Oregon Coast, we bring 
						you Tuff Tex Liners, Hi Density Liners, Drum Liners, Specialty Liners, Poly Sheeting, Shrink Wrap, & Merchandise 
Tuff Tex Liners
Hi Density Liners
Drum Liners
Specialty Liners
Poly Sheeting
Shrink Wrap
Merchandise Bags

Carpet Care

From North Bend/Coos Bay, Oregon, 
						cleaning & janitorial supplies are available for carpet care. Products include: spotters, 
						deodorizers, defoamers, extraction shampoos, traffic lane cleaners, rust removers, 
						rug & upholstery shampoos, bonnet cleaners, chewing gum remover, carpet care equipment, 
						vacuums, wide area vacuums, extractors, Air Movers, CFR Equipment, and more.
Extraction Shampoos
Traffic Lane Cleaners
Rust Removers
Rug & Upholstery Shampoos
Bonnet Cleaners
Chewing Gum Remover
Carpet Care Equipment
Wide Area Vacuums
Air Movers
CFR Equipment

Odor Control

From Oregon, we bring cleaning supplies & janitorial 
						equipment. Odor Control products include: Liquid Deodorants, Granular Deodorants, Solid Deodorants, Odor Neutralizers, 
						Drain Enzymes, Carpet Enzymes, Deodorant Blocks, & Odor Control Dispenser Systems!
Liquid Deodorants
Granular Deodorants
Solid Deodorants
Odor Neutralizers
Drain Enzymes
Carpet Enzymes
Deodorant Blocks Odor Control Dispenser Systems

Brushes, Brooms, Floor Squeegees...

Oregon store with cleaning supplies & janitorial 
						equipment. We sell Brushes, Floor Brushes, Street Brooms, Scrubbing Brushes, Bowl Brushes, Truck Wash 
						Brushes, Window Brushes, Counter Brushes, Radiator and Spotting Brushes, Handles and Braces, Extension 
						Handles and Fittings, Corn Brooms, Angular Brooms, Floor Squeegees & More!
Floor Brushes
Street Brooms
Scrubbing Brushes
Bowl Brushes
Truck Wash Brushes
Window Brushes
Counter Brushes
Radiator and Spotting Brushes
Handles and Braces
Extension Handles and Fittings
Corn Brooms
Angular Brooms
Floor Squeegees

Laundry Products

West Oregon's experts in Cleaning Supplies & Janitorial Equipment, 
						we bring you Laundry Products, Controlled Chemical Injection Systems, Detergents, Builders, Bleaches, Scours & 
						Softeners, Rust Removers, Spot & Stain Removers, Specialty Laundry Chemicals, Laundry Carts, Sheetfolders, 
						Anti-Fatigue Matting, Commercial Washers, Flat Work Ironers, & Huebsch Dryers

Laundry Products
Controlled Chemical Injection Systems
Scours & Softeners
Rust Removers
Spot & Stain Removers
Specialty Laundry Chemicals
Laundry Carts
Anti-Fatigue Matting
Commercial Washers
Huebsch Dryers
Flat Work Ironers


Oregon Location, Experts in Janitorial Equipment and Cleaning Supplies. 
						Janitorial Supplies Oregon, Products include: Glass Cleaners, Disinfectant Cleaners, Baseboard Cleaners, Vandal Remover, 
						Room Deodorizers, Surface Disinfectants, Furniture Polish, Stainless Steel Cleaners, Dust Control, Solvents, Contact 
						Cleaners, Silicone Spray, Gum Remover, Insecticides, Oven Cleaners

Glass Cleaners
Disinfectant Cleaners
Baseboard Cleaners
Vandal Remover
Room Deodorizers
Surface Disinfectants
Furniture Polish
Stainless Steel Cleaners
Dust Control
Contact Cleaners
Silicone Spray
Gum Remover
Insecticides Oven Cleaners

Food Service Products

From Oregon, experts in cleaning supplies & janitorial equipment. 
						Products include: Paper & Poly, Bags, Cups, Food Pails & Containers, Foil & Film, Napkins, Placemats, Plates, 
						Cutlery, Straws & Toothpicks, Wax Sheets & Wrapping Paper, Bar Supplies, and more!

Paper & Poly
Food Pails & Containers
Foil & Film
Straws & Toothpicks
Wax Sheets & Wrapping Paper
Bar Supplies

Rubbermaid and Receptacles

Oregon provider of janitorial equipment & cleaning supplies 
						including: Rubbermaid Products, Wastebaskets, Trash Receptacles, Metal Receptacles, Fire-Resistant Receptacles, 
						Step-On Cans, Sanitary Receptacles, Recycling Containers, Outdoor Receptacles, and 

Rubbermaid Products
Trash Receptacles
Metal Receptacles
Fire-Resistant Receptacles
Step-On Cans
Sanitary Receptacles
Recycling Containers
Outdoor Receptacles

Cleaners and Disinfectants

From Oregon, cleaning supplies and janitorial experts. Supply 
						includes: Cream Cleansers, Powdered Cleansers, All-Purpose Cleaners, Degreasers, Floor Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, 
						Gym Floor Cleaners, Plastic Cleaner, Stainless & Metal Cleaners, Shower & Tile Cleaners, Drain Cleaners, 
						Liquid Disinfectants, Dry Portion Control, Sanitizers, and more!

Cream Cleansers
Powdered Cleansers
All-Purpose Cleaners
Floor Cleaners
Glass Cleaners
Gym Floor Cleaners
Plastic Cleaner
Stainless & Metal Cleaners
Shower & Tile Cleaners
Drain Cleaners
Liquid Disinfectants
Dry Portion Control

Packaging and Tape

From Oregon, we bring janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies. Our 
						supply includes Shrink Wrap, Wrapping Paper, Corrugated Cardboard Rolls, Twine, Packing List Envelopes, Packing 
						Pellets, Paper Bags, Shipping Tape, Masking Tape, Filament Tape, Poly Tapes, Duct Tape, Label Protection Tape, 
						Paper Sealing Tapes, Specialty Tapes, and Tape Dispensers!

Shrink Wrap
Wrapping Paper
Corrugated Cardboard Rolls
Packing List Envelopes
Packing Pellets
Paper Bags
Shipping Tape
Masking Tape
Filament Tape
Poly Tapes
Duct Tape
Label Protection Tape
Paper Sealing Tapes
Specialty Tapes
Tape Dispensers

Floor Care Products

Oregon Cleaning Supplies and Janitorial Equipment specialists 
						bring you Floor Strippers, Neutralizers, Sealers, Finishes, Cleaners, Restorers, Concrete & 
						Marble Care, Gym Floor Care, Floor Pads, Floor Screens, Equipment, Floor Machines, Auto Scrubbers, 
						Air Movers, Wet & Dry Vacuums, & Hi Speed Floor Machines!

Concrete & Marble Care
Gym Floor Care
Floor Pads
Floor Screens
Floor Machines
Auto Scrubbers
Air Movers
Wet & Dry Vacuums Hi Speed Floor Machines

Hand Care

Oregon cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment 
						specialists bring you Lotion Soaps, Liquid Soaps, Antiseptic Soaps, Hair & Body Shampoo, 
						Bar Soaps, Powdered Soaps, Waterless hand Cleaners, Hand Sanitizers, Hand Lotions, & 

Lotion Soaps
Liquid Soaps
Antiseptic Soaps
Hair & Body Shampoo
Bar Soaps
Powdered Soaps
Waterless hand Cleaners
Hand Sanitizers
Hand Lotions

Hotel Supplies

Oregon cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment 
						specialists bring you Amenities, Wrapped Tumblers, Ice Buckets, & Complete Supply 

Wrapped Tumblers
Ice Buckets
Complete Supply Line


North Bend/Coos Bay Oregon cleaning supplies and janitorial 
						equipment specialists bring you Warewash, Low Temperature Dishwashers, & Controlled Injection 

Low Temperature Dishwashers
Controlled Injection System


North Bend/Coos Bay Oregon cleaning supplies and janitorial 
						equipment specialists bring you Matting, Entry, Indoor, Safety, Anti-Fatigue, Proportioning Systems, 
						Spray Bottles, Window Washing Accessories, Carts & Trucks, Ice Melter, Lamps & Fluorescent Tubes, 
						Insect Killers, Wipers & Rags, Gloves, Putty Knives, Safety Equipment & Supplies, Floor Absorbents, 
						Absorbent Pads, Sponges & Scrubbing Pads, Seminar Training on Blood borne Pathogens, & Safety 

Proportioning Systems
Spray Bottles
Window Washing Accessories
Carts & Trucks
Ice Melter
Lamps & Flourescent Tubes
Insect Killers
Wipers & Rags
Putty Knives
Safety Equipment & Supplies
Floor Absorbents
Absorbent Pads
Sponges & Scrubbing Pads
Seminar Training on Bloodborne Pathogens
Safety Training